If you grew up in the ’60s and ’70s then there’s a good chance that you think the kids of today have got it easy with their internet, smart phones and 24 hour TV.

’60s babies had to occupy themselves, they knew how to play and weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

So if you are a kid from the swinging decade, then there’s a good chance the following things shaped your childhood.

Drank Tang For Breakfast

Tang was the powdered orange juice that needed water to be added to it. It became famous after astronaut John Glenn took it with him on a space mission. We’re pretty sure kids these days don’t drink this stuff.

Soda Cans Looked Like This

Not a huge difference, just another factor that shows how life was different 50 years ago.

Pulls Tabs Were Different

Forget can openers, it was all about the pull tabs. Even those look different to the ones we have today.

Flower Seats And Baskets Were A Must Have

What was the point in having a chopper if you didn’t have the psychedelic floral seats to go with it? Kids these days don’t know cool.

The Milkman Delivered Milk

While there are still milkmen around today, they’re definitely in decline. Back in the ’60s there was no other way to get your calcium needs.

Potato Chips Came In Huge Cans

Not only did these chips come in huge cans, but they were also delivered to your door. How are there not chip delivery men in 2017?

Encyclopaedia’s Were Our Wikipedia

Forget Google and Wikipedia, in the ’60s and ’70s kids had to work for their knowledge by searching through encyclopaedias.

How People Lost Weight

Balanced diet and steady exercise was simply not an option a few decades ago. People used appetite suppressers instead. We’re not surprised these aren’t around anymore.

Balsa Glider’s Kept Us Entertained Us For Hours

Not only did Balsa Glider’s keep us busy for hours but they also cost only 10 cents. Kids today would never be entertained by this simple pleasure.

Ant Farms Were Our Pets

Back in the ’60s kids were a lot closer to nature and didn’t mind going out and getting their hands dirty. That’s probably why ant farms were all the rage.

We Took Polaroids

There was no such thing as iPhones back in the 1970s, but Polaroids did make taking photos a little more instant.

We Drank Water From The Hose

Outside and need a drink? ’60s babies weren’t afraid to put their mouths to a hose and slurp. Mothers today would never let this happen, think of all of the germs.

We Listened To Music On A Record Player

Listening to music on a record player wasn’t a new phenomenon in the ’60s and ’70s, however it was when the portable record player came into fashion. Finally people could take their music to other places.

Donnie And Marie Were The People To Watch

Kids everywhere wanted to be Donnie and Marie – they were the ultimate sibling duo. You probably still remember the theme song to their show.

We Watched Little House On The Prairie

The whole family would sit down to watch Little House On The Prairie together. It was the highlight of the week.

We Stayed Up Late To Watch SNL

Another TV highlight was breaking the bed time rule to watch Roseanne Rosannadanna and Jane Curtain on Saturday Night Live.

Station Wagons With A Wood Trim Were Cool

Very few things that parents did in the ’60s was cool, but when they bought a station wagon with wood panelling, that was pretty sweet.

Macramé Owls Hung In Every House

No one was sure where they came from or why they had them, they just did – making them a staple item from the ’60s and ’70s.

We Drank Kool Aid

Ok so Kool Aid is still a thing, but it was definitely bigger back in the golden years.

People Used This To Exercise

Not only did they use it to exercise, they genuinely thought it would work. The ’60s were a simpler time.

We Played With This For Hours

Happy Family House was the toy to have if you were a kid in the ’60s.

We Dialled Like This

There was none of this touch screen stuff. In the ’60s it was all about the rotary dial and cords.

Watched The Brady Bunch

Do you remember? “Here’s the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls. All of them had hair of gold, like their mother, the youngest one in curls”.