Growing up in the sixties brought with it so many different experiences; whether it was witnessing the first mission to the moon or being part of a culture that was all about ‘peace and love’, it’s safe to say it was a decade filled with hope, fun and a lot of wacky fashion trends.

From owning a Troll Doll to watching The Ed Sullivan Show every Sunday night, it really was the best decade to make up your childhood.

Prepare to feel extremely nostalgic as we take you through 20 things that only people who grew up in the ’60s will understand.

1. Beatlemania

The Beatles are one of the most famous bands to walk the planet, but growing up in the ’60s meant you experienced full on Beatlemania – those were the days!

2. The Original Troll Doll

While we’ve seen many variations over the years, the first ever Troll Doll took the world by storm in the ’60s. No household was complete without the small plastic doll and its colourful frizzy hair.

3. Watching Endless Episodes Of ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’

Bursting onto our screens in 1961, The Dick Van Dyke Show had everyone gripped until 1966. No matter what your plans were, you made sure you never missed an episode.

4. Doing ‘The Twist’ And Owning The Dance Floor

You know you grew up in the ’60s if you remember the days of ‘The Twist’ being the ultimate move on the dance floor at parties. Whether you were good at it or not, 1960s discos weren’t complete without it.

5. When ‘Go Go Boots’ Were A Wardrobe Essential

These boots were certainly made for walking. Was your wardrobe really complete without a pair of Go Go Boots? The low-heeled, high leg boot was all the rage back then, and everyone wanted to look like Nancy Sinatra when they wore them.

6. Telling Your Future With A Ouija Board

Whether it was passing the time by telling your future with a Ouija Board or spending hours on the geometric drawing game ‘Spirograph’, the ’60s was full of so many activities to enjoy.

7. Lava Lamps Were A Must-Have Bedroom Accessory

Most of our childhood was spent staring at the bright colored wax forming all kinds of mesmerizing shapes. Let’s face it, your cool factor depended on whether you had one of these in your bedroom. Despite it being popular in other decades too, the lava lamp was well and truly born in the ’60s.

8. Watching The First Moon Mission

You definitely felt super proud to be part of the first moon mission. If you’re a true ’60s kid you’ll definitely remember watching Apollo 11 set off on its first journey to the moon.

9. Buying RPM Records

Forget iTunes or Spotify, when you liked a song you heard on the radio, you went out to buy the 45 rpm single.

10. Singing Your Heart Out To The Sound Of Music

Maria and the Von Trapp kids released your inner musical talents and you couldn’t help but sing along when watching one of the biggest films of the decade.

11. Braving A Pixie Haircut

Mia Farrow made everyone want to go for the chop with her stunning pixie cut.

12. Sunday Nights Were Made For ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’

The Ed Sullivan Show was the perfect way to round off the week, and Sunday nights just wouldn’t have been the same without it.

13. Getting Around On A Skateboard

What better way to call for your friend than whizzing to their house on a skateboard?

14. When Tie-Dye Clothes Were The Only Clothes You Needed

Everyone who grew up in the sixties remembers the tie-dye clothing fad. The loud pattern was seen all over dresses and T-shirts, and was a huge part of the hippy movement. Even better? You could tie-dye your old plain clothes to keep up with the trend.

15. The Ford Cobra 427 SC Being Your Dream Car

If you’re a car lover who grew up in the 1960s you’ll definitely have swooned over this car at some point.

16. When Sally Fields Joined ‘The Flying Nun’

Sally Fields became everyone’s best friend when she landed the lead role of Sister Bertrille in The Flying Nun.

17. The Surfboard Hype

Whether you knew how to surf or not, when lightweight surfboards suddenly became affordable everyone wanted one. Everyone was beach ready with their new accessory, and it made for some killer photos too.

18. The Hippy Life

Whether it was music, TV, film or literature, the hippy movement influenced so much of our culture in the ’60s. We all miss the days of peace and love.

19. The Peace Symbol Was Everything

And going hand-in-hand with the hippy movement was of course the peace symbol. You couldn’t avoid it at anti-war protests.

20. Gelatin Salad

Weird, right? But if you’re a ’60s kid you’ll definitely remember the days when salads were made from gelatin, and it even came in vegetable flavors!